The National Dish


There’s not too many places that epitomise British life than a visit to Aldeburgh on Mother’s Day, particularly when this celebration coincides with the warmest day of the year so far. I’m sure that people who aren’t from the UK would look upon the British reaction to a ‘scorching’ 17° centigrade with absolute bewilderment. Shorts, flip flops and factor 50 are dug up from the depths of the summer box, and thousands flock to the pebbly shores of Suffolk in an attempt to capture that ever elusive tan.


Classic cars, pimped up campers and more Range Rovers than you could hope to count. It really is quite a show.


However the ultimate goal of almost every single Aldeburgh tourist is to get a taste of their nationally famous Fish & Chips. The queues are renowned for going down the high street so far that the chippy itself is completely out of sight. We had a pretty grueling hour wait today, although a combination of a refreshing pear cider in the line and endless jokes about there only being pickled eggs left certainly made the ordeal a whole lot easier.


And if the queue is just too much for you, you could always pack up an Afternoon Tea to enjoy on the beach; how quaint.


They were some bloody good fish and chips though.


6 thoughts on “The National Dish

  1. I agree, the fish & chips from Aldeburgh are the best! And for dessert there’s that amazing ice cream parlour on the main street that makes like 50 different flavours…. the Toffee Crunch is my favourite! Looks like your Mum had a lovely Mother’s Day.

    • Hi Bee. The ice cream parlour did look amazing! Unfortunately we were well and truly stuffed from the fish and chips so didn’t get any but I have done before. Excellent choice on the Toffee Crunch!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I miss fish and chips. No where else in the world does it like we do it in Blighty! I had some great fish and chips at the end of the pier in Southwold. Suffolk has to be a winner!

  3. I don’t think we have a decent fish & chips where I’m from, so i cannot really fathom an hour long wait for one! That one must be really goood.
    PS I’d do anything for a 17C weather!

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