Day 6 – New York – Time Out

Some Things Are Great No Matter Where You Are…

Once again I was up early and raring to go. However, today I wasn’t heading off to a common sightseeing destination. In fact only a small exclusive group of people will have heard of it. The Blind Pig is a small pub on the south east corner of Manhattan in an area dominated by Irish pubs and sports bars. It also happens to be the official Arsenal NYC supporters club and ever since I had read about it in a weekly Arseblog, I knew I wanted to go and meet some of the people who supported a team that played their football so far away from NYC.


A beautiful 3-0 victory and several pints later we left and went for brunch. Cautious that I was in severe danger of losing a whole day of my little time in New York I decided to head off to South Manhattan on my own. Brooklyn Bridge was another goal on my to do list and I had some beautiful weather for the occasion:


I wasn’t disappointed and although there were tourists everywhere, I was getting used to it by now and it didn’t ruin the walk. The view across the bay is amazing and second only to the Staten Island Ferry but more on that later. I spent some time looking at the various messages on the bridge and snapping photos of a few which you can find here. Here’s my addition:


*Not really. My handwriting is woeful compared to that masterpiece.

An Emotional Walk… For Some

Next I decided to head down to Wall Street via the World Trade Centre site. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and when I got there I wasn’t convinced I was in the right place when I did:


The entire area has been done up and there’s barely anything to show for the tragedy which I think is a shame as I thought there might be some sort of memorial. Then again there was a huge section cut off where there may have been some stuff in the planning so I’ll hold off until it’s been released. I did find this statue depicting the man who climbed out of the rubble in the aftermath of 9/11:


What really pissed me off was the light hearted manner that many of the non English tourists were adopting on the scene. One family where climbing all over the statue, making jokes and having a right old laugh about it. I’m pretty sure if something similar happened at one of the war cemeteries in Europe someone would have something to say about it. Anyway, that’s an issue for the police to fix.


Afterward it was getting towards sunset so I headed for the Staten Island ferry, camera in hand. I made a huge error in rushing to the front of the boat as they close all the doors and windows which haven’t been cleaned in years so it’s impossible to get a good picture. However they leave the doors open on the back so you can get a really good view of Manhattan as you drive away from it. I’d definitely recommend going at sunset, I managed to time it just right:



Here are a few more of my favourites from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tomorrow I head to Philadelphia.


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