Day 12 – Los Angeles (Part 2) – Universal Studios

After catching up with Matt and Josh we headed for Universal Studios in North Hollywood. Having been to the sister Park in Florida I was expecting something similar: huge roller coasters and live shows with enough explosives to raze a small town. Although the latter was true, there wasn’t a single roller coaster in sight. This Universal Studios is geared much more towards looking at the Studios themselves. The majority of rides take place in simulators with a couple of indoor roller coasters thrown in for good measure. I can only assume that there’s no outdoor roller coasters because it would decimate the view from the top of the hill, as well as they would interfere with filming.



The simulators were excellent with the exception of Transformers which broke as we were queuing for it and didn’t resume service till right at the end of the day by which point we’d decided to head home. What really impressed me though were the live shows, specifically Waterworld which surpassed all my expectations :


As I should have expected, they aren’t joking when they label the front few rows as the “Soak Zone”. Several jet ski waves later and I was left attempting to salvage what was left of my rucksack.


The special effects shows were amazing as well, both educationally speaking and entertainment wise. However, it does diminish the spectacle of films like King Kong when you see how a large portion of the movie was filmed in front of a green screen.


All in all, I’m glad I went but I wouldn’t go again because I’m more of a roller coaster person, as well as the entrance fee of just under $100 being totally extortionate in my opinion. Six Flags is just down the road and at just $40, is the best value for money in the area considering they have 12 world class roller coasters.

That night we went out in Hollywood and I met Sam who I’d end up travelling with for the next few weeks.



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