Days 13-14 – Los Angeles (Part 3) – Hangover & Planning


I woke up with a rotten hangover. Unfortunately I did my standard thing of continuing to drink when we got back to the hostel last night. That probably explains the spiderman selfie as well. Hope I remembered to give him a tip! On the brighter side of things I had absolutely nothing to do for the day except to make some plans with Sam for the next couple of weeks. We decided to go for a solid hangover cure lunch at Mels, the local celebrity themed diner.


Don’t get me wrong, I love big portions but I’d probably draw the line at one plate. When your food is coming on two plates then you know you’re in the States. After my pathetic effort to finish this behemoth of a meal, I boxed up the remaining 75% of food and prepared to collapse into a food coma. First we discussed what we should do next and after checking the prices of car hire in LA we decided to bus to Vegas where rentals are considerably cheaper.

Unfortunately I had arrived at the hostel when the group of people I’d befriended the previous night were going their separate ways. As a result, the hostel was now completely dead and the latest arrivals had yet to come out of their shell. That’s probably my biggest issue with hostel life in that you need to stay somewhere for a decent amount of time in order to bond with people to the extent where you can relax and enjoy yourself. That poses quite a big problem for me as I’m not staying in any one place for a long time until I get to Rio. Then again it allowed me to take the next day to see some more of Hollywood before I headed off for Vegas. Besides it would have been sacrilegious not to catch up with an old friend before I left:


LA is an incredible place with so much variety in term of both the people and the things you can do. If I were to recommend one thing it would be to head to Venice Beach at the weekend. Once you get past the hustlers and overpriced custom clothing, it’s great to see the locals playing basketball and handball, as well as the atmosphere in general.


The next day we headed to Las Vegas!


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