Days 17-19 – Vegas – Hostel Edition

The hostel version of Vegas turned out to be a lot more fun than staying in a hotel. At the end of the day you don’t spend too much time in your room and you constantly have to walk through the casino resulting in little wads of money disappearing gradually from your budget.

Hostel Cat had been recommended to us by some backpackers in LA and it was everything that was promised. The owner, Chandler, was a bit quirky and in standard Vegas fashion, thought he was the Don of the town, but all credit to him for the effort he put in. He personally ran events and tours every night of the week and was extremely helpful whenever called upon.


The first night we were introduced to Fremont Street otherwise known as The Old Strip. Gambling, drinking and everything else you can think of are considerably cheaper here than on the New Strip and it was great to have a budget version of Vegas considering the amount of money we’d spent the previous two nights at Excalibur.


The hostel also organised day trips to pool parties at the Monte Carlo Hotel which turned out to be one of the hottest places in town for Cinco De Mayo. Our mode of transport was a little controversial as we crammed thirty people into a small white van. As he’d been doing it so long Chandler had the technique perfected, his record was thirty seven.



The parties and constant drinking just blended into by the end of the journey in Vegas but I have some great memories and I can’t wait to go back. Sam and I have booked a car for Monday to Road trip to the Grand Canyon and then down to San Diego. However, we have to return the car to Vegas so we will be back here at some point next week, for Sam’s birthday. I should probably start saving




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