Day 27 – San Diego – Balboa Park

Today we left San Diego but not before checking out Balboa Park, on of the city’s major attractions. Placed right in the middle of the city, the park is 1400 acres and dwarfs the older Cental Park in New York City. The scenery is also totally different to that of Central Park in that the heat and drought in California has created quite an arid landscape in places, with various cacti populating the majority of the view.


As we made our way into the outer belt of the park, we stumbled into a Native Indian Festival. It was interesting to see the musicians at work and to find out a bit about their culture. I think I may have wee’d a little when I bumped into this monstrous dog. I was assured that it was only 90% wolf and was quite safe but I wasn’t taking any chances and we made our departure soon after.


We spent the rest of the afternoon hiking through the park, getting lost several times and running extremely low on water before we eventually found somewhere to kick a ball around. The heat was exhausting so we soon gave up and headed back to the car. Although the landscape wasn’t quite what I’d been expecting, it was great to see this side of California.




It was time to head back up to Vegas!


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