Day 28 – 31 – Las Vegas – Round 2

There really isn’t a lot to say about going back to Vegas a second time except that the Craps table doesn’t get more forgiving the longer you play. The lights are as bright as they normally are no matter when you go and the all you can eat T-Bone steaks don’t get any smaller.



I would say that we had a great time on Fremont St aka The Old Strip. Considering how cheap it is I’d say that for people around my age is definitely worth checking out if the Strip Casinos have taken a bit more of your budget than you bargained for the night before. 25 cent beer nights are always a laugh. There’s also a fabled 2 cent beer night but we couldn’t find it, not for lack of trying.



It turns out I would be leaving before Sams birthday but we still had a one last hurrah at his plush new pad, the Platinum.


This must have been one of the only hotels in LV that didn’t have a casino and as a result was considerably more expensive. Apparently there’s some connection between Rod Stewart and Sam’s 11th cousin or something but they managed to get a pretty good deal. The night ended much the same way most nights end in Vegas for me, an empty wallet and a happy drunken stumble back home. Things for Sam and his newly arrived English mate were a little more…let’s just say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Onto San Francisco!



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