Day 32 – San Francisco – Wish I had a Bouncy Ball

After a 15 hour bus journey I arrived and promptly fell asleep in San Francisco. Soon enough I was up and decided to walk across the city to the coast and attempt to catch my first view of the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance.


As I walked through the city it was everything I’d imagined it to be. Ever since that Sony Vaio advert with the bouncy balls I’d wanted to visit this city. The streets rolled over hills and were completely unforgiving. If you didn’t know your way through the sporadic mounds then you’d best be prepared for a workout. It’s very difficult to capture the gradient of these streets in a photo but believe me, there’s a reason why motorised bicycles are so popular in this city.



Pier 39 is a little over priced and touristy for my liking but it does present some great views across the bay. Alcatraz is quite a spectacle as it sits ominous way out in the water. Unfortunately the tours were booked out for my entire stay in San Francisco so I wouldn’t get the chance to see it this time around. There’s also a local sea lion centre which is quite amusing to watch, especially when the enormous ones try to get up on the platforms only to flop against the sides and back down into the water again. The Golden Gate Bridge is also just visible from that lookout point although slightly obscured in the sea mist.



After some excellent Clam Chowder in a Sourdough Bowl I headed back into town and ended up spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the park. San Francisco is a beautiful city and I’d pretty much fallen in love with it with just a small walk across a tiny fraction. A couple of days later I cycled a lot further.

If you missed it, here’s my post on what I did the next day, the FA Cup Final!


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