Bells Beach

So after one last night with the boys, I woke up on our day of departure feeling a little worse for wear. I was determined to get an early start however so I had my last good shower for a while then set off to pick up our home for the next couple of months. After a fair bit of research we went with a Spaceships campervan. Already regretting the choice since the pick up location was a good half hour away from the city, I was livid to find out on arrival that our camper had had a major engine failure and they would be getting a replacement in but it wouldn’t be there till the evening. However, the company said they would refund the day, buy me taxis to and from the city, pay for lunch and chuck in their chairs and tables for free. Pacified, I left and returned later with Hattie and all of our stuff once we had said an emotional goodbye to our beautiful flat.
There she stood, our noble steed, the Toyota Estima, codenamed Cyberpunk. Having been acquainted with our new home we set off feeling rather chuffed with the features it came with. Tons of storage, cooking facilities, dvd player and a proper fridge. It drove well and as soon as we were out of the city the sense of freedom was overwhelming.
An hour or so later we arrived at Bells Beach for sunset and watched the kangaroos munching away for a whole before heading to Torquay where we’d be staying the night.
Unfortunately on the Great Ocean Road there are no free campsites so we found a lay by on a back Road a few miles from the town. We clearly hadn’t thought it through properly since the sun had set and the main light in our cabin was broken which resulted in us cooking dinner and making the bed for the first time in the dark. Not ideal to say the least. It made matters worse when were accosted by a giant, very venomous-looking spider which as hard as I tried to ward off with the torch, kept chasing me around.
Finally we jumped into bed and looked up the spider and it turns out it is attracted to light because that’s where its prey is found. Bear Grylls indeed.


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