Great Ocean Road

When you choose to park overnight to sleep, choose a quiet road. Believe me, when you’ve been sleeping in near silence in an immensely comfortable bed for a long time, the combination of a thin mattress and a constant stream of trucks provides for a very poor nights sleep. Needless to say we woke up early and headed off for the Great Ocean Road in a slightly tired state. However, there’s surely nothing better to wake up to than the scenery you find in this part of the world.


Beaches as far as the eye can see, turquoise waters and an abundance of wildlife make this road one of the best drives in the world. Unfortunately since we had already holidayed here once before we weren’t spending as much time here as we wanted and moved swiftly on towards the Grampian National Park. 

Learning from our mistakes we sought out our next campsite via WikiCamps and arrived with plenty of daylight to cook dinner and set up for the night. Thankfully this campsite was both free and legitimate and we weren’t the first ones to arrive. Hattie quickly made friends with an English / Aussie couple who were traveling on a stricter budget than us. We sat around the campfire chatting rubbish till midnight and had a much nicer, wine-fuelled sleep in preparation for the walking trip the next day.



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