Northern Territory

Midway through our trip to Cairns and the nightmare of the Northern Territory well and truly revealed itself. It’s not the lack of petrol stations, drinking water, showers, miles of straight roads with nothing to do or the lack of social interaction with anyone. It all came down to the dreaded fruit fly. You open the car door once you’ve finished your day’s drive, hoping to relax into a chair, cook some dinner and drink some wine by the fire, only for a thousand flies to swarm you so that you can’t see, hear or open your mouth for fear of inhaling them. Even the most simple of tasks become an absolute chore and you find yourself becoming irritable about the most trivial things. 

We bought a couple of fly nets for our heads at Ayer’s Rock and they were probably the best $10 dollars we have ever spent; they just about kept us sane. 

Ultimately though, we were coming to the end of our trip through the outback and we took some time to reflect. I honestly believe that the outback is something worth braving and I’m truly glad we made he effort. That being said, I think it takes a certain type of person to go through it to the extent that we did, and I wouldn’t recommend the trip to anyone. Unless you’re like me and like the feeling of earning views/spectacles/rewards after an ordeal, then I’d say fly to Uluru and take a weekend trip into the outback instead. That way you get the best of both worlds, without losing your mind in the process. 


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