Townsville/Cairns – Wet

Finally, we made it to the coast! Two weeks of non-stop driving but we made it to Townsville on the East Coast. Unfortunately, Hattie had left her purse in a truck-stop out in the Red Centre so we were stuck here for a day or so whilst it was hand delivered by road train. The stop was really nice so waiting around was hardly a chore. We had plenty of jobs to do now we were back in civilisation and the rest of the time was spent relaxing on the beach, trying my hand at fishing. As expected, I was as useless as the last time in Brazil and returned to the campervan empty handed. 



Having retrieved the purse we continued along the coast to Cairns. In the Outback we had spotted another Spaceship Camper like our own and left a note on the windshield telling them to get in touch if they were going to Cairns as well. Unfortunately they had been going the opposite direction but they told us about a Hostel in Cairns that allows you to park in their car park for a small fee and we seized the opportunity. After the roadside living and lack of hot showers we’d had for the last two weeks, the hostel life was fairly glamorous. 

Since the weather was so grim, we only left the hostel for a couple of short walks in the surrounding national parks, both of which were worthwhile but left us damp to say the least. 


The only other thing left to do was finally meet some new people and enjoy a few drinks. Since we’d left Melbourne our social life had taken a massive hit and it was good to have some contact with backpackers for a change. For anyone backpacking to Cairns I’d definitely recommend Woolshed. Cheap drinks in a bar as nice as that make for a quality night. 



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