Big Crystal Creek & Horseshoe Bay

We had two days to get South in time for our tour of the Whitsundays and most of the time we’d be driving. However, unlike the outback, we actually had a couple of hours to spare and decided to find a couple of spots sourced from our new best friend: WikiCamps. First up, we headed to Big Crystal Creek in a small national park south of Cairns. Other than the excellent reviews from prior visitors, there wasn’t a lot separating it from the other attractions en route. True to form though, WikiCamps came up with the goods and we found a slice of heaven waiting for us at the end of the dirt track.


I practised my snorkelling whilst Hattie drew the surroundings. One of the couples we had met at a campsite in Townsville had given us a couple of snorkel kits they were about to throw away and I was glad to put them to some use.


After sunning ourselves for a while we headed off to camp. The day after we decided to trust in WikiCamps again and headed to Horseshoe bay, a small beach just a short dive away from our final stop before the Whitsundays Tour at Airlie Beach. The surrounding area was filled with busy caravan parks so we expected the beach to be busy but we rounded the corner and once again found a deserted, white bay. 

Once again I headed out for the coral whilst Hattie sunbathed and drew the surroundings. Unfortunately the visibility was a lot poorer and I could barely spot anything but it was good to get some practise in all the same. Little spots like this probably exist in the UK as well but it’s incredible that Australia is absolutely filled with them, particularly North Queensland. 
As we left a few buses came and dropped off a huge group of backpackers from what I assume was a local hostel. Although I was glad to have had the beach to ourselves for the majority of the day, it did inspire a little jealousy in me. I was definitely ready for a tour of the Whitsundays with a larger group!


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