Whitsundays – Diving & Snorkelling

Although me and Hattie had both agreed that diving was a luxury we couldn’t afford, once we arrived at the reef we realised we’d been kidding ourselves. It would have been sacrilegious to come all the way to the Mecca of diving, and just snorkel. We wet-suited up bright and early and I jumped into the first dive. 

The coral was as amazing as you’d expect. There was such a diverse range of life that I didn’t know where to look. I’d seen tropical fish before but the reef itself was absolutely incredible. Then came the moment I’d been waiting for as the lead diver motioned towards a large creature about ten metres away. 

I’d finally swam with a turtle, a Loggerhead Turtle to be exact, much rarer at shallow depths compared to the Green Turtle. It was a dream come true and I spent the rest of the dive in absolute bliss. 

Once we’d surfaced I gave my diving gear to Hattie as she prepared for her Discovery Dive, then headed off for a snorkel. The visibility was much better at these depths and I could easily find the specific things I wanted to see. First up I found a Cinnamon Clownfish, not your typical ‘Nemo’ but a good find all the same.

Afterwards came the Maori Wrasse, a fish that dwarfed all the other and demolished coral with its pneumatic drill of a mouth. I kept a safe distance from this one!

Unfortunately, my second full dive came and went without and major sightings, and I was even more annoyed that the other divers had seen Reef Sharks and Barracudas. I set off again with my snorkel to the deeper parts of the reef in search of another turtle. After an hour of persistence I found what I was looking for.

I dived again and again, swimming alongside it and trying not to lose the Green Turtle. Eventually he went too deep and I lost him in the poor visibility but I’d regained that ecstatic feeling and it remained for the rest of the day.
Once again, we were blessed by an incredible sunset and lay back and enjoyed the view. We definitely enjoyed the best the Whitsundays had to offer. 


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