What I didn’t pack…

I’m sure I’ll soon find I’ve missed out some crucial stuff. Great tip on the washing line!

Love From H


I’ve been packing up and unpacking every three or four days for over a month, it’s been an emotional, tiring month in a magical way and I’m still running on adrenaline. Packing up for somewhere new excites me and gives me the kick up the A to set an alarm, wake up early and pack. That’s not all, all this hype and excitement means I will sleep. Through ants crawling over me, through thumping club music, through rock-hard beds, I will get the snooze I need. I made a huge fuss over packing only what I’ll use, only what I need and spent a good few weeks perfecting my list until my bag was 14 kg worth lugging around. News flash. Nothing is perfect.

So what did I leave behind? Well, I’ll let you in on a few things.

Number 1. My immune system. I’m not kidding, for someone…

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