Daintree National Park

We woke early to make the trip up to our most northern point of Australia on our tour. Daintree National Park is the oldest continually surviving rainforest in the world and offers a host of activities and sights for those who make the journey. Unfortunately, we were arriving at the end of wet season and our hopes of a nice walk in the forest were soon dashed by a combination of torrential rain and an army of mosquitos intent on ruining our trip. We did what we could and enjoyed a lunch by the beach, under cover, as well as Hattie drawing some of the forest, under cover. 

We eventually braved the weather and managed a couple of nice walks through the forest, spotting a few spiders and mud crabs. Unfortunately (depending on your perspective) there were no crocodiles in sight and once again, my attempts at fishing were fruitless. 
By the end of the two day trip, despite the views on show in Daintree, all we wanted to do was get out of the rain. We packed our bags and headed south in search of some sun. 



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